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With how successful this season has been for the San Francisco 49ers, you just can’t help but draw comparisons to the Jim Harbaugh Era. It only makes sense since that was the last time the 49ers were relevant. Initial comparisons to that era were this year’s defense to that of 2011-13.

One comparison that is being overlooked, however, is Deebo Samuel to Anquan Boldin.

It is a rare trait for a wide receiver to be the aggressor and the initiator. That is exactly what Boldin and Samuel have in common. The only difference is that Boldin was more built, which made sense as to why he looked for contact. Samuel on the other hand is a grenade. The guy is a bit small, but will come at you with an explosion of a hit.

Most rookie receivers don’t usually look to play with an aggression to them. Finesse is the typical style of play, which makes Samuel that much more unique because he utilizes both. The aggresive mentality that he brings is the standout trait and being a rookie just makes it more exciting. Even Richard Sherman took notice to the aggressive mentality of Samuel.

“You get some receivers running across the middle and they’re looking for who is going to hit them. Deebo is looking for who he’s gonna hit.” This is one of the reasons why Kyle Shanahan looks to scheme Samuel into open space. So that he can make an impact with a big gainer and possibly set the tone with a hit. Cornerbacks are going to use caution when coming up to tackle him if they’re playing off-coverage.

Jeff Deeney
Deebo Samuel’s 84.4 overall grade was tops among #49ers starters on offense vs. AZ. His 12 missed tackles forced on the year leads all NFL WRs, and his 7.2 yards per reception after the catch is best among all WRs with 25+ receptions.

4:37 AM – Nov 19, 2019
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Or they are just going to keep their head down and try to deliver a big hit. That is why Samuel is forcing a lot of missed tackles on defenders. That is exactly how Boldin was treated. In fact, Boldin would look to truck hard hitting safeties. The guy was a human wrecking ball, which is odd to describe a receiver. It isn’t just the aggressiveness of Samuel that can be resembled to Boldin. His production is now starting to appear similar with his recent performances.

“He’s one of those guys you love to have in your foxhole.” Said Jimmy Garoppolo in the postgame Sunday. “He just gets banged up out there, keeps coming back, doesn’t even question it or anything. He’s a fighter, man. You love having guys like that on your team.” Now that Samuel is starting to come into his own, the 49ers’ first two picks of this year’s draft look like home runs.

His emergence is also necessary given the questionable status of Emmanuel Sanders going forward. Drawing comparisons to Boldin is already a great sign of Samuel’s development. If he can continue trending upward, then the 49ers receiver group will look dramatically better. That will give Garoppolo a standard set of three viable receiving options, which will only optimize this dynamic offense.

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We’re onto Tuesday, and the big news is still the George Kittle play to win the San Francisco 49ers their third game in The Gauntlet and beat the New Orleans Saints 48-46. Wow.

Just wow.

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And it’s not crazy to be talking about it. Beyond being great, it’s also iconic. It’s iconic of the 49ers’ exit from The Gauntlet. A very loud stamp on their season, and

also what’s needed to keep home-field hopes alive in the NFL playoffs.

But the best I heard was from Jim Rome. I know that Rome is a polarizing figure with a lot of people. Some like his takes, others find him as another talking head. If you haven

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’t heard him in 2019, he’s been letting people know about the 49ers at several opportunities, starting with the Cleveland Browns win back in Week 3. Of the 49ers, he’s been

gushing about George Kittle.

On Mondays, Rome typically breaks down the entire NFL week that was and went through highlights but “made an exception” this week and broke format by beginning with audio from

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the George Kittle play and then dedicating the opening segment to talk about 49ers-Saints and just how crazy (and awesome) it was.

I lost count of how many times he played the audio from the George Kittle play because, after every sentence, it seemed like he played it again. At the end of the take (which

was lengthy for Rome) he made a bold statement:

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“And back to my point about how that might have been more than one game. I’m not about that “hot take” life. I’m just not. So just keep that in mind when you hear what I’m

about to tell you. That Kittle play may have just won the Niners the Super Bowl. May have.”

Well then. That’s some praise. The 49ers still have a long road ahead of them. They have the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, and Seattle Seahawks. None of those games are


That said, the Kittle play was like the 49ers kicking the door open from the pit that was the Gauntlet, all beat up and saying, “Who wants some more?” Which brings me to the

question I’m about to pose to the community of a 49ers site:

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Is that the play? A play in the regular season that defined the 49ers? There’s still going to be something in the playoffs we’ll point to, but do you look at that play as the

play that might have been the one that won the Super Bowl? Or do you think that’s too hot of a take?

There’s a greater than 99% chance the 11-2 San Francisco 49ers will make the playoffs this season.

But thanks to a 28-12 Los Angeles Rams win against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night, that percentage chance of making the postseason still isn’t 100. (The 49ers would have

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clinched a playoff berth with a Rams loss.)

So what exactly represents that less than 1% chance? Well…

The 49ers are currently the 1 seed in the conference and lead a loaded NFC West with a 1-game lead on Seattle (10-3) and a 3-game lead on Los Angeles (8-5). The Niners have

three games left this season — they host Atlanta this week, host the Rams in a Saturday evening affair next week, and travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks in Week 17.

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Let’s start in reverse order here: For this to all happen, the Packers would need to maintain the division lead because, were Green Bay to fall into a potential tie-breaker scenario for a wildcard spot with the 49ers, the Packers would lose out by virtue of the head-to-head. If the Vikings and Packers finished tied and had a 1-1 head-to-head, the next tiebreaker would be win percentage against the division, which the Packers would have by virtue of going undefeated against the Bears and Lions and splitting against the Vikes (Minnesota also lost to the Bears, which would lose them the tiebreaker).

Three losses by the Niners and one by the Vikes would put them in a tie for a wildcard spot that Minnesota would win thanks to fewer losses in the division, which is the second wildcard tiebreaker for two clubs from different divisions that haven’t met head-to-head. The Vikings would have losses to Green Bay and the Seahawks, while the 49ers would have losses to the Falcons, the Rams and the Seahawks twice.

Injuries have threatened to derail the San Francisco 49ers at nearly every turn this season. Showing themselves to be deep and able to overcome said injuries, that has not happened as of yet.

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Fresh off a thrilling win over the Saints in New Orleans last week, these 49ers will be tested on the injury front once again.

San Francisco placed struggling receiver Marquise Goodwin on injured reserve Tuesday with chronic knee issues. This could help explain why Goodwin has played a grand total of 40 offensive snaps since Week 6.

That news comes on the heels of other injury notes surrounding some important figures on both sides of the ball.

San Francisco placed starting center Weston Richburg (torn patella tendon) on IR Monday, ending his season. The team is also dealing with injuries to cornerbacks Richard Sherman (hamstring) and K’Waun Williams (concussion) as well as safety Jaquiski Tartt (rib) and edge rusher Dee Ford (hamstring).

There really isn’t good news on this front. The expectation is that Sherman and Ford will miss multiple weeks to injury. Tartt sat out last week and remains questionable to go Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. Williams will have to pass through the concussion protocol in order to make it on the field Sunday.

Let’s break down these injuries from an individual perspective as the 11-2 49ers prepare for the final three games of the regular season.